Course Offerings

This page collects all the courses offered by the PhD in Security, Risk and Vulnerability.

In particular, courses are classified in 4 types:

  • CROSS-curricula courses, i.e. courses that cover topics that are relevant to two or more curricula;

  • CORE-curriculum courses, i.e. courses covering topics that are specific to a given curriculum and provide foundational knowledge and skills which are essential for developing the specific research topic selected by the student;

  • FUNDAMENTALS, i.e. courses aiming to provide the basics of topics ineherent to a given curriculum to students of other curricula. In general, these courses cannot be taken by students enrolled in the curriculum already specifically addressed to the topic investigated;

  • courses on SOFT SKILLS e.g., how to write a paper, how to write a research grant, and how to perform the management of research.