Security & Law

Coordinator of the Curriculum

Prof. Giorgio Afferni (DiGi, Università di Genova)

Research Lines

The research lines can be broadly classified in the following areas:

E-democracy, cybersecurity and fundamental rights in the cyberspace

E-government, sustainability and digital transition of the citizenship

Rule of law and algorithmic administration

Algorithms in public decision-making

New technologies and digitalization in cultural heritage, civil protection, and public contracts

Smart city public regulation and governance, also with regard to climate change

Legal modelling and simulation

Analytical legal theory and the quality of legislation

Artificial intelligence and the digitization of criminal justice

Cyber-crimes, cyber-attacks, and digital investigations

Blockchain forensics and tools to counter crypto-crimes 

Class actions and other mechanisms of collective enforcement of rights

The use of new technologies to facilitate access to justice

Virtual reality and metaverse as drivers of change in Labour Law

Algorithm discrimination in the labour market

The Private International Law of Secured Transactions

Cyber War and Cyber Security in International Law