Risk, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Coordinator of the Curriculum

Prof. Luca Ferraris (DIBRIS, Università di Genova & CIMA Foundation)

Research Lines

The research lines can be broadly classified in the following areas:

  • International cooperation for risk informed civil protection and sustainable development

  • Participatory approaches for risk governance and sustainable development

  • Capacity development for civil protection

  • Governance, risk management and legal responsibility

  • Climate change mitigation and greenhouse gases reductions

  • Decarbonisation of energy supply and zero-carbon communities

  • Carbon footprint of products and organizations

  • Climate related water, food, energy security

  • Climate displacement and migrations

  • Large-scale climate scenarios, adaptation and behavioral change

  • Climate and anthropic impact on marine bio-ecosystem

  • Wildfire Risk Management and Forest Conservation

  • End-to-end Early Warning Systems

  • Risk perception and crisis communication

  • Climate- and health-related risks


This curriculum is done in partnership with the CIMA Research Foundation.