Security & Strategic Studies

Coordinator of the Curriculum

Prof. Giampiero Cama (DISPO, Università di Genova)

Research Lines

The research lines can be broadly classified in the following areas:

  • Domestic and international drivers of foreign and defense policy

  • The role of parties, institutions and leaders in foreign policy

  • Drivers of military transformation. The evolution of doctrines, operations and force structure

  • Effectiveness and features of peacekeeping and peacebuilding

  • The evolution of international relations in the post-unipolar era: USA, China, Russia and the EU. Grand strategies, alliance politics and military operations.

  • Civil wars: causes and patterns. Post conflict institutions and power sharing

  • Strategic narratives, public opinion, and security issues

  • Technology and warfare: diffusion, drivers, and impact (from drones to cyber-security)

  • Migration and governance

  • Terrorism and counter-terrorism