The courses activated may change in each academic year.

The list of scheduled CORE- Management and Security courses is the following:

  • Banking and Finance - 1 CFU - Teachers: Francesca Querci, Marco Di Antonio, Laura Nieri (UNIGE). Contact teacher:

  • Accounting and Accountability – 1 CFU - Teachers: Francesco Avallone (UNIGE). Contact teacher:

  • Organization theory and design – 1 CFU - Teachers: Angelo Gasparre, Teresina Torre, Lorenzo Mizzau (UNIGE). Contact teacher:

  • Strategic management research streams - 1 CFU - Teachers: Lara Penco (UNIGE). Contact teacher:

  • Corporate Governance - 1 CFU - Teachers: Lara Penco, Giorgia Profumo (UNIGE). Contact teacher:

More details on contents, times, dates, references and exams may be found here.