First Poster Session

Cycle 36 

Cybersecurity and Reliable AI

Stefano Berlato Efficient, Secure and Privacy-Preserving Protection of Sensitive Resources in Distributed Partially-Trusted Environments

Danilo Franco Fair Graph Representation Learning: empowering NIFTY via Biased Edge Dropout and Fair Attributes Preprocessing

Simone Magnani Costs-Effects Analysis of a Fully-Adaptive Anomaly and Intrusion Detection System

Marco Pernpruner Integrating Security By Design and Automated Security Analysis for Digital Identity Management

Antonio Ruggia The Dark Side of Android

Management & Security

Shekerta Aliu Shedding on the use of accounting information and disclosure practices in the EU electric power industry

Risk, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Alessandro Borre Probabilistic risk assessment in a dynamic framework

Gabriele Casano Environmental risks and climate change: migration and community resilience in Eastern Sub-Saharan Africa - IGAD Region

Risk and Resilience Engineering of Natural, Industrial and Built Environments

Sofia Giusto Classification of existing masonry school buildings and development of fragility curves to improve the seismic risk assessment at Regional scale

Dario Hourngir Mitigation of thunderstorm-related high-impact weather conditions on the natural and built environment

Security & Law

Marco Berruti Criminal Liability into the Risk Society

Fabio Gaggero Defining cybersecurity from the legal side

Cycle 37

Cybersecurity and Reliable AI

Giacomo Benedetti On the Security of Software Supply Chains: a focus on CI/CD Pipelines

Francesco Pagano Security Evaluation of IoT Ecosystems

Management & Security

Eleonora Balestra The Hibridization of Human-Robotic Work Processes: the case of robotic surgery

Ronnie Rith Toward A New Paradigm of Corporate Social Responsibility in Professional Football Management

Risk and Resilience Engineering of Natural, Industrial and Built Environments

Maria Bolla Inherent safety approach towards PHAs sustainable production from wastes as carbon sources

Alessandro Iacopino Surface Soil Moisture Estimate by Integration of Remote Sensing and Low-Cost Field Sensor Network

Soheil Mohammadi Multi-risk resilience-based planning framework to improve the recoverability of urban settlements

Silvia Pinasco Seismic Vulnerability of Historical Masonry Buildings in Aggregate

Security & Law

Giovanni Botto Administrative powers and climate change adaptation measures: the digital and the ecological Transitions between effectiveness and precaution

Agnès Diaz The Quality of Crowdlaw’s Legislation

Security & Strategic Studies

Matteo Mazziotti Attention deficit: why democracies allow politicians to abuse the military
di Celso

Mattia Sguazzini (Re)Structuring power in the cyberspace