Poster session_15 Feb_official.pdf

Poster Session!

On Feb 15, the students of the XXXVI and XXXVII cycles will present their research activity in a poster session. Pictures and the actual posters are available here.

The revenge of PhDs: + 15% employment on graduates

A report by Almalaurea evaluates the advantage offered by a PhD.

Best paper award to Cristina Fontanelli

Cristina Fontanelli (PhD candidate in Security, Risk and Vulnerability) has been awarded the prize for the best paper in the top Security Studies conference in Europe (EISS). Congratulations Cristina!

Industrial PhD in partnership with aizoOn

Federica Bizio (Chief Data Scientist, Cybersecurity Division at aizoOn) presents the opportunity of carry out an industrial PhD at the University of Genoa in partnership with aizoOn. 

Why becoming a FBK PhD student

The Phd Program in Security, Risk and Vulnerability offers the opportunity to carry out your research program in collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento.

Stella Blumfelde at the Communication Festival, 2021

Stella Blumfelde (PhD Student, XXXVI Cycle) presents the PhD Program in Security, Risk and Vulnerability at the Communication Festival in Camogli.